WFF holds GESI and Financial Management workshop with Grantee Partners

For the first time since the COVID-19 lockdown, the Women’s Fund Fiji (the Fund) team conducted in person Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) and Financial Management training with selected grantee partners in Pacific Harbour, Suva from 1 to 6 May 2022.

The two trainings are two key capacities support the Fund provides to its Grantee partners. The Fund team had continued to provide remote support during the period of COVID-19 lockdown which had been a challenge but a learning event for the Fund. With restrictions at ease, the fund proceeded with the trainings with six grantee partners[1].

This was also an opportune time for the Fund team to gather information from grantee partners, documenting journey and experiences that the Fund took on as learnings and which would help inform future trainings based on the needs of grantee partners.

Aimed at helping participants recognise and understand the barriers and opportunities for gender equality and social inclusion in their organisational and personal lives, the GESI training was organised to identify and explore participant’s experiences of gender equality/inequality and inclusion/exclusion in their own lives, and to increase understanding on the root causes and consequences of gender equality/inequality and inclusion/exclusion.

Evaluation showed a shift in participant’s knowledge and attitude as a result of the GESI workshop. All participants indicated they understood what gender equality and social inclusion meant; knew the difference between gender and sex; felt comfortable and confident in promoting GESI in their families and communities; felt comfortable and confident in promoting GESI in their work; and agreed that it was a good idea for everyone to have equal rights.

The Financial Management workshop on the other hand was held in conjunction with the GESI training, and aimed to increase grantee partners understanding on how to improve finance management system in their organisation; understand the responsibilities of office holders; know the importance of budget planning and proper recording; and learn about budget development and donor negotiations.  As a result of the training, participants learnt the importance of financial procedures and documentation. The session learnings were good indication for the Fund team on grantee partners capacity development needs around financial management moving forward.

Between April and June, the Fund team also travelled to Labasa, Kioa, and Naitasiri to provide financial management and training needs to grantee partners[2].

[1] Vanua Levu Arya Mandal, Kioa Women’s Organisation, Building Innate Resilience Through Hearts (BIRTH Fiji), Young Women’s Christian Association, Pacific Rainbow Avocacy Network, Soqosoqo Vakamarama iTaukei-Kadavu.

[2] Vanua Levu Arya Mandal, Kioa Women’s Organisation, Naitasiri Women in Dairy Group.