Women’s Fund Fiji is the resource mobilisation arm of the feminist and women’s movement in Fiji.

The Fund is led by and for diverse women and gender non-conforming people and uses intersectional feminist principles. This ensures that overlapping or intersecting forms of discrimination are taken into account and that groups themselves have the power to define funding priorities. We hope to drive inclusive models that are flexible, long-term funding that is conscious of the intersectional realities of feminist social change and incorporates a vision of redistribution and decolonisation.

This is a huge amount of donor and philanthropic money that is not reaching or being controlled by movements and grassroot communities directly – and we are striving to change this.

Our work falls into three core functions:


We provide direct funding to the organisations and communities that make up feminist and women’s rights movements.

This is key for the realisation of rights for women, girls and gender non-conforming communities because it shifts power to where it should be – the movements themselves.

Much of the funding for ‘gender equality’ initiatives go to larger INGOs or CSOs – who are primarily implementing agencies for short-term projects that reflect their donor’s priorities.

Direct, core funding gives organisations themselves the decision-making power on how and where to use resources – including for organisational expenses or collective action.

This is politically liberating, powerful and movement-building.

Capacity Development

We also contribute non-financial resources such as capacity building, convening and connecting people, sharing of information and expertise, care and solidarity.

This opens doors for rural, remote and marginalised groups to access to bigger grants that may be otherwise inaccessible due to certain conditions that favour more established, registered organisations.

Movement Building and Advocacy

Our goal is to influence and contribute to the transformation of the whole funding ecosystem to achieve more and better resources for feminist and women’s rights work.  By shifting more power and resources into the hands of diverse women, girls and gender non-conforming people from rural, remote and marginalised communities in Fiji and the Pacific, we are opening doors for a more inclusive model of funding in the region.

We work in mutual solidarity with groups who are changing their own communities for the better, and in doing so, transforming unequal power relations that perpetuate systems of oppression and destruction.