Safeguarding Team formed out of GESI training

Using the findings of their recently launched Impact Assessment,  Rise Beyond the Reef (RBTR) held two trainings for the partner communities it works with.  The training focused on:
–  Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)
–  Rapid Care Assessment (RCA)

RBTR chose to conduct both activities together to introduce a variety of tools for leading conversations on paid and unpaid care work, gender, and social inclusion and gender-based violence.

The GESI toolkit developed and launched by the Fund in June, had to be adjusted by RBTR, to contextualise the material for rural remote indigenous communities.  RBTR worked with veteran community development specialist and researcher, Dr. Aliti Vunisea for this process.

Out of the training, a ‘Safeguarding Team’ was formed consisting of male and female representatives from RBTR partner communities to create “champions” on-the-ground for carrying out this work long-term in their respective communities and within their traditional structure. RBTR intends to use the safeguarding team it has developed via economic development activities to create a long-term community development approach, to addressing gender-based violence and other harmful social norms with a specific focus on building the capacity of men.