New Women’s Fund Fiji website will connect donors to grassroot initiatives

Suva, Fiji  – Women’s Fund Fiji has announced the launch of its new website that will enable anyone around the world to support its campaigns and initiatives for women, girls and gender non-conforming people in Fiji. 

The website was the final piece in the Fund’s localisation and renaming process from an Australian initiative (Fiji Women’s Fund) to a Fiji registered Charitable Trust – Women’s Fund Fiji.

Now as an independent entity, through the new website, the Fund broadens its ability to resource mobilise through its new DONATION portal (currently under development). The website will connect donors to directly support grassroot initiatives.

The website has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality with our diverse grantees at the centre of our design process which includes rural groups, people with disabilities and gender non conforming people.

With user-experience in mind, the website now features detailed information on the various grants available and how to apply and mobile-friendly applications.  In addition to the new functionality, the website features stories of transformative change showcasing how small grants can have a big impact on the lives of women, girls and gender non-forming grantees.

The Fund hopes that in time its website becomes a hub of gender quality research, information and access to new grants for the feminist and women’s movement in Fiji.

During this 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, the website will feature articles and blogs looking back on the contributions of feminist activists whose work paved the way for organisations like the Fund to come to fruition.

Visitors to the new website can stay informed with the latest news from the Fund by subscribing to our newsletter and monthly blog which features rich content written by both the Fund and other feminists in Fiji and the Pacific.

To access the website:



About WFF

Women’s Fund (Fiji) is the Pacific’s first national women’s fund that is led by the feminist and women’s movement in Fiji.  The Fund provides financial and non-financial resources to further the work of feminist and women’s movement in Fiji to fulfill women’s rights and gender justice. The Fund began in 2017 as an initiative of the Australian Government’s Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development (Pacific Women) Program with a commitment of AUD 10.5 million from 2017 – 2022.

For more information please contact the Fund Manager Michelle Reddy: