MSP opens first Pop-up Clinic in Suva

In response to increasing request from community members especially women and girls for counselling, family planning support, clinical support, and legal support services, Medical Services Pacific (MSP) opened its first Pop-Up Clinic in the MHCC complex, Suva in late March this year.

The Carpenters Group, owners of the MHCC Complex have provided the space in MHCC and the clinic is setup through a Resilience Grant from Women’s Fund Fiji.

MSP provides a broad range of health care, counselling and social services, including public awareness and educational programs with a specialised focus on sexual and reproductive health, and has developed a comprehensive and integrated service for survivors/victims of sexual assault and domestic violence which includes emergency care, and ongoing medical, nursing, counselling and legal support.

Offering people an escape from waiting in long queues, improved accessibility in a central location, and early and timely response to emergencies, the Pop-Up Clinic at the MHCC groundfloor is welcomed by many.

Data collected between 29 March and 31 July showed a total of 357 clients (352 women; 4 men; 1 LGBTQIA+) accessed the Family Planning services at the Pop-Up Clinic, and that a total of 1,026 clients (659 females; 366 males; 1 LGBTQIA+) visited the Pop-Up clinic to access NCD Screening, Cancer Screening, and STI Blood testing between 28 March and 31 July. Majority of clients who accessed the services accessed MSP’s services for the first time.

“Since its inception, the Pop-Up Clinic has been catering to Fijians from all around the central division. According to clients, the Pop-Up clinic location is convenient and easy to access.  We have provided services to Fijians from all around the central division as far as Namosi, and from civil servants to market vendors,” said MSP’s WASH Officer and COVID-19 Program Coordinator, Ana Fofole.

“The new Pop-Up Clinic allows us to reach members of the public who may not have acquired the services if not for the access we have provided.  We also thank the Carpenters Fiji Management team for providing us with the opportunity to operate from their MHCC complex,” she said.

During the first few weeks of the implementation and operation of the Pop-Up Clinic, the Clinic encountered several cases that has become the highlights of its efficiency and convenience to the needs of the vulnerable and at-risk population.

One included a timely counselling service for a suicidal case. The availability of the counsellor enabled MSP’s Pop-Up clinic to provide the walk-in client with the required assistance, leaving the client satisfied.

The second involved a young mother of two who informed the Clinic of a near tragic experience associated with a health issue. The client was provided with advice, and a training plan as follow-up action was arranged for the client.

“Heath care needs to be made personal and I commend the support and level of care that was shown to me at the MSP Pop-Up clinic. Entering the clinic that rainy afternoon changed my life. I am very determined now to live a healthier, happier life for the sake of my family, and my physical and mental health,” she said.

The third included counselling service provided to a suspected sexual assault case. The client had been looking for someone to talk to and seek advice on action to take whilst on the way to work and happened to pass by the Pop-Up Clinic. The availability of a counsellor onsite enabled counselling service to be provided to the client who was traumatised by the whole experience. The counsellor also assisted by making referrals to relevant authority.

Sisters – Setaita,19 and Arieta, 32 know firsthand the benefit of the Pop-Up clinic.

“The Pop-Up clinic has allowed us to have access to family planning consultation and services whilst we were running errands in the city,” said Setaita.

The sisters said that they would normally catch two buses to visit a health facility.

“As I walked into MHCC, the MSP banner caught my attention. This was something new. I walked into the clinic and was greeted by friendly staff who were easy to talk to. I was able to learn more about family planning,” Arieta said.

Arieta went home and encouraged her sister, Setaita to visit the clinic.

“If the clinic had not been this easy to reach, I would not have considered accessing the services that I did today,” Setaita said.

Services provided at the Pop-Up Clinic are inclusive of;

(i) SHR clinical services

  • Family planning consultation
  • Pap-smear test
  • Providing family planning clinical services to young girls and women
  • Breast examination

(ii) NCD Screening

  • Blood pressure measure
  • Blood glucose testing
  • BMI measure
  • Glucose testing

(iii) Counselling

(iv) Prostrate Consultation

(v) Integrated Management Childhood Illness

All services at the Clinic are provided FREE of charge.

Discussions are underway for Pop Up Clinics to be setup in Lautoka, Labasa, and Fiji National Universities.

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