The Fund commissioned a Mid-Term Review (MTR) in November 2019. The MTR focused on four criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

An assessment of impact was not included in the MTR as the period of implementation was not considered long enough to address long term effects.

The MTR was designed to assess progress towards key outcomes and to provide guidance and recommendations for delivery of the program to 2022. The review was both summative and formative in that it assessed both achievements and shortfalls to date and looked forward to how the program should best be shaped in the future.

The MTR applied an ‘investigatory framework’ that was primarily qualitative to underpin analysis. It used analytical rather than statistical inference, drawing on triangulation to maximise the reliability of findings.

The review maintained a strong focus on promoting the utilisation of findings by linking key decisions to key stakeholders and decision-makers.

Mid Term Report (PDF)


Joint Management Response Report (PDF)


Mid Term Review Summary (PDF)