Changing the Oars – Women’s Fund Fiji Welcomes New Executive Director

17 Jun 2022

On the eve of the Fund’s first birthday, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of our first Executive Director. Menka Goundan will be steering the Fund in the next chapter of its journey. Menka had taken the oars from Michelle Reddy in April 2022 as Acting Executive Director. She brings strong institutional knowledge as she has worked at the Fund since early 2019 as Senior Program Manager, leading the Fund’s grants management, capacity support, and monitoring evaluation, accountability, and learning initiatives.
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Cancer Society developing Community Palliative Care Programme

3 Sep 2021

Being able to support a loved one through a terminal illness is not an easy task. It requires patience, a strong support system and proper training and advice on how to provide a safe and comfortable environment. The Fiji Cancer Society is currently developing resources with specialists from the oncology unit at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital to empower communities
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Pandemic Blog Series: Responding to a growing humanitarian crisis

31 Jul 2021

Part two in our Pandemic Blog series By Kuini Rabo and Menka Goundan July marks the third month that our island home continues to experience the impact of wave two of Fiji’s COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-positive cases are no longer confined to contained zones, the daily positive cases have accelerated past 1000, the death rate continues
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