MTE: House of Sarah’s approach to preventing violence against women is having a positive impact on beneficiaries

A Mid-Term Evaluation conducted on the Anglican church’s House of Sarah – Prevention Violence against Women and Children in Fiji’s Faith Settings (PVAWFFS) has found that the program is highly relevant in meeting the needs of the target beneficiaries.

The PVAWFFS project supports a whole of community approach (leaders, congregation, church, and its allies) to reduce and prevent VAW, one that is grounded in faith-based values and teachings that promote justice, peace and dignity. The project commenced in 2018 in three Anglican Parishes: 1) St Michael and All Angels Parish in Matata, Lami; 2) St Mark Parish in Newtown; and 3) St John the Baptist Parish at Wailoku. The PVAWFFS project utilises SASA!, an activist prevention model for preventing VAW developed by Raising Voices, used in Uganda and Trocaire, Ireland.

From community feedback, the MTE reported a decrease in the incidences of physical violence, crime, and drunkenness in these communities where the project is implemented which it says is helping to create a safer environment for women and children. The MTE also identified ways the program could improve its effectiveness and enhance efficiency.
The evaluation recommended further support and training for Community Activists – who engage community members on issues of power and justice in human relationships – and to develop and document the project’s approach to risk and risk management.House of Sarah has taken on board these recommendations and will incorporate them into the roll-out of the rest of the project. The House of Sarah completed its grant for the Preventing Violence against Women in Fiji’s Faith Settings (PVAWFFS) project in 2020. PVAWFFS completed 2 of its 4 phases with support from the Fiji Women’s Fund (the Fund). The final 2 phases of PVAWFFS will be funded by UN Women.
Michelle Reddy, the Fund’s Manager in a video message to the House of Sarah, congratulated the organisation on the completion of the awareness phase and added that the Fund was extremely proud to support its work and was committed to being a support and adaptable partner in the programmes successful work. 
About House of Sarah
The House of Sarah is an initiative of the Association of Anglican Women (AAW), launched in 2009. HoS is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers committed to promoting equal and respectful relationships and supporting women throughout the Pacific. The organisation’s mission is to provide a listening ear, a warm heart and a welcoming hand to women who are facing violence through the provision of counselling, support services, and education, networking, partnerships, and referrals. The organisation works with women, youths, male clergy and laypersons across Anglican parishes in Fiji.