Project Date: March 2018 – February 2019
Grant Value: Type A – FJ $20,000.00
Area of Focus: Sustain SAN advocacy centre and strengthen the network through enhancement of SAN outreach programme
Project Status: COMPLETED
About the Project
A grant from the Fiji Women’s Fund enabled Survival Advocacy Network (SAN) t/a Survival Advocacy Club to conduct activities across the following programmatic areas:
–  Establish a safe space for individuals and groups particularly the marginalised people (LGBT, individuals with disabilities and sex workers);
–  Develop visibility materials for SAN;
–  Strengthening of the working group committee;
–  Governance and Leadership & Communications Training for the working group;
–  Consultations with community members.
About SAN
Survival Advocacy Network was established in 2009 through the Scarlet Alliance Programme. SAN aims to empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans sex workers community in Fiji, to ensure they are able to work and live in a safe environment to eliminate stigma and discrimination against sex workers.