Striders Rugby Women’s Club is registered with the Ministry of Youth & Sports, the Suva Rugby Union and is affiliated with the Pacific Island Players Association. The Club aims to create and develop an environment that recognises rugby as one of the most enjoyable and empowering team sports for women.

The Club was formed in 2011 by three (3) young professional women who shared a common interest not just in the sport of rugby but in using the sport as a means of empowerment and fun. The Club operates on donations, proceeds from fundraisings and prize money from tournaments. There is a need for entrepreneurial vision to enable Striders Women’s Rugby Club to continue with the development programs for rugby training, boost member’s confidence, build capacity for life skills. Striders Women’s Rugby Club long term goal is to provide scholarships for its members.

Project name: Mobile Gym Feasibility study
Funding amount: AUD9,600
Project timeframe: April 2019 – March 2020

While globally, women’s participation and interest  in rugby is increasing at unprecedented rates, in Fiji, a lack of support structures and facilities, cultural norms and household expectations, inadequate media coverage and the limited nature of funding continues to hinder the development of rugby for women and girls.

Wanting to change stereotypes and address the lack of facilities, Striders Women’s Rugby Club applied for a grant from the Fiji Women’s Fund to enable it to conduct activities across the following programmatic areas:
(a) Engage a consultant to provide oversight of the business plan development and present the business case for Mobile gym;
(b) Capacity building training on market research;
(c) Conduct market research of mobile gym;
(d) Design of marketing strategy and plan;
(e) Establish company structure, design and operations; and
(f) Development of financial and business plan.