The Labasa Women’s Forum is a registered non-governmental organisation. It works closely with remote women in Northern Division. For last thirty years, without any major funding, Labasa Women’s Forum has been actively highlighting issues and concerns of rural women with policy makers through events such as International Women’s Day – held annually on March 8.

Project title: International Women’s Day
Project date: March – April 2021
Grant Value: FJD 25,000
Grant Type: Movement Building Grants
Focus area: Women’s leadership and decision making
About the project

The Northern Division has been severely impacted by Tropical Cyclones Yasa (December 2020) and Ana (February 2021). To address the impact of these two cyclones and the pandemic on women’s groups, the Labasa Women’s Forum through a movement building grant, will implement International Women’s Day event in March. This event aims to create a safe space for women to participate, network and celebrate their disaster resilience and leadership achievements through events and activities.

The Labasa Women’s Forum also aims to assist more than 450 women with seeds and hygiene packages through this event.  Attendees can also access sexual reproductive health services provided free of charge by Medical Services Pacific – another grantee of the Fund.

The group will collaborate with Civil Society Partners (CSOs) and government departments to implement this project from March 2021- April 2021.