Project Date: February – October 2018
Grant Value: Type C – FJ $10,000
Area of Focus: Delailaakau Mother’s Canteen and Backyard Veggie Shop
Project Status: COMPLETED


About the Project
Delailasakau Women’s Group is remotely located in the interior of Fiji, with limited resources. Women depend on farming for their livelihood. To address economic hardships, Delailasakau Women’s Group runs a small canteen but required support to increase its income.  In order to do this, the women believed that they needed some capacity development especially around business management to ensure the sustainability of the canteen.

A grant from the Fiji Women’s Fund enabled Delailasakau Women’s Group to achieve outcomes across two key programmatic areas; Economic Empowerment and capacity development.

–  Empowering women to make transformative change within their traditional and community settings to improve their quality of life.
–  To empower the women of Delailasakau through economic enhancement.
–  To improve the operational level of Delailasakau mother’s canteen to a sustainable level; whereby it is self-sustaining and customer friendly.
–  To develop a women’s vegetable farm into a semi-commercial entity.
–  To safeguard the health and well-being of the youth and children of Delailasakau village through provisions of nutritious meals and chemical-free vegetables.

Apart from being an income source for women, it also encourages a healthy lifestyle. The backyard veggie shop enables the women to tend to their gardens in the village and not trek across mountains and rivers to remote plantations. The group also works closely with the village committee and the Turaga ni Koro in overseeing the well-being of the community and its members.

About the Delailasakau Women’s Group
Delailasakau Women’s Group is in the District of Waidina in the province of Naitasiri. The group is registered with the Department for Women with affiliation to the Catholic Women’s League, Soqosoqo Vakamarama Naitasiri Division, and the Seventh Day DORCAS. The vision of the women’s group is to empower and enlighten women to work together to improve livelihoods. The group also works closely with the village committee and the Turaga ni Koro in overseeing the wellbeing of the community and its members.