The Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding (PCP) is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on conflict analysis, resolution and transformation. PCP responds to conflicts emerging from changing contexts resulting from globalisation, political instability, ethnic tensions, foreign direct investments, migration, climate change and issues that affects its target groups. The work is delivered through 3 thematic areas: Community Peacebuilding, Restorative Justice and Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership. Target groups include community leaders, women, youth, sexual/gender minorities and people living with disabilities.

Project title: Status of Women in Naviavia project
Project date: July 2020 –  June 2021
Grant Value: FJD 150,000
Focus area: Boosting economic empowerment and agency
About the project

PCP will upskill and strengthen the capacity of women from the remote informal settlement of Naviavia in Vanua Levu. These women are the descendants of Solomon Islanders brought to Fiji by blackbirder’s in the 1800s to work on sugarcane plantations owned by the British. The project will focus on economic empowerment and assist the women in requesting for services and engaging/negotiating in different spaces to amplify their concerns and to demand their rights. The work will be conducted using restorative justice principles and tools for community engagement.

The project is divided into 2 phases:

  1. Research – Assess the needs of the Naviavia community in relation to women’s issues that will determine the design of the project activities. The research is the groundwork of the project in terms of data consolidation and analysis. The data will be used to measure the success of the project during the monitoring and evaluation phase.
  2. Implementation – Carry out project activities validated by the research and needs assessment.