Project: We Rise! Fiji YWCA: Supporting an Inter-Generational Learning Space for Young Women Leadership and Voice

Timeframe: May 2022- January 2023

Location: Central- Eastern Division

Focus Area: Women’s Leadership & Decision Making


The YWCA of Fiji works to help empower, promote and educate young people and women on their roles, responsibilities and leadership- enriched by our multi-racial nation and by our world-wide membership, seeks to respond to the barrier-breaking love of God by providing opportunities for personal growth and by developing an active concern for the human community.

As a member of the World YWCA we work for the empowerment, leadership and rights of women, young women and girls including women from many different faiths, ages, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures to achieve a common goal to transform power structures to create justice, gender equality and a world without violence and war as well as contributing to the sustainability of an inclusive women’s movement.

The YWCA has a powerful faith-based, grassroots history and works towards addressing the nexus of women’s rights work, service, activism, and faith, connecting and mobilizing women and girls from across different regions, cultures, faiths, and backgrounds. To achieve the movement’s commitment and support of human rights and gender justice.

Project date: May 2021 – April 2022
Grant Value: FJD 10,000
Focus area: Improving livelihoods, build confidence and leadership capacity

About the project

The Fiji YWCA is recognised as a pioneer in the Fiji women’s movement as well as broader civil society contributions to Fiji’s development. However, from 2012 – 2020, YWCA has faced considerable challenges. Of particular concern has been the disconnection from local members and area councils and the non-achievement of the localization of global priorities into programmes and initiatives which contribute to progressing national commitments to gender equality, intergenerational leadership and women’s rights. This has led to it being silent and disengaged from key movement initiatives In Fiji and the Pacific.

In December 2020, the National Executive Committee (Board) adopted a programme strategy to bring together key elements of the organisation’s foundations to

1. develop a 3-year strategic plan that will support the revival of area councils,
2. provide a space for contextual discussions on the Christian basis of the organisation within the Fiji and Pacific women’s rights and feminist movement and provide a pathway for inter-generational learning and leadership development for a cadre of young women at national and local area council level.

Through the funding support of the Fund, YWCA Fiji will implement its 3-year Strategic Programme and Fundraising Plan providing a pathway to build a strong, intergenerational network of women leaders who will collectively drive transformative social change within and outside the YWCA. The pathway will invest in and build young women’s leadership; Connect mobilize, and consult with on-the-ground leaders in our local communities; Amplify young women’s voices and creating safe spaces for young women to thrive.

The project activities will enable mutual learning and the sharing of stories as well as build community, nurture friendships, develop new leaders and deepen members understanding of the feminist, faith-based and human rights principles of the YWCA movement.

The activities at local and national level will be spaces for members to guide how the YWCA can creatively and more effectively respond to the impact of socio-economic and environmental challenges particularly in the context of COVID19 and climate change.