Project Date: February 2018 – February 2019
Grant Value: Type A – FJ $50,000
Area of Focus: Empowering Girls & Women for Active Leadership
Project Status: COMPLETED

About the Project
Girls in Fiji are expected to obey without question, not talk back and put up with decisions that are made for them by parents/elders/husbands/men in their life. This makes girls and women less confident to stand up for themselves (and others) and vulnerable to poor educational outcomes, life pathways not of their choosing, abuse, and exploitation.

Girls from remote locations face additional complexities as access to quality education is difficult, not just because of distance but because of associated costs. These areas also have higher levels of poverty and girls are more likely to leave school early to help parents in the field and/or marry young.

The project will focus on empowering young women and girls in the 24 Districts to develop their leadership potential and confidence which will enable them to make transformative changes and improve their lives. Improve Fiji Girl Guides Association (FGGA) governance and strengthen the capability of its leaders for programme improvement and organisational sustainability.

About FGGA
The FGGA is an association with approximately 5,000 members was first established in Fiji in 1924. The association aims to empower girls and young women to be resourceful, responsible and to think for themselves through offering a non-formal educational program focusing on life skills, leadership, and decision-making. Guiding is open to all girls and young women and is based predominantly in schools across Fiji.