Building Innate Resilience Through Hearts (BIRTH Fiji) is a registered civil society organisation based Lautoka, Fiji. BRITH Fiji was established in 2019 and provides free professional counselling, community education and social services in the community.  Its volunteer staff have over 20 years of counselling experience.

Their mission is to build strength and resilience amongst victims of abuse and discrimination through assistance with self-acceptance and help the growth of survivors.  BIRTH Fiji is a support group with a regenerative system that not only removes stigma but creates a safe environment that serves as a form of hope for survivors of mental, physical, financial or/and emotional abuse and discrimination.


Project title: Organisational Strengthening
Project date: May 2021 – Jan 2021
Grant Value: FJD $41,000
Focus area: Ending Violence Against Women
About the project

In the last two years, BIRTH Fiji has experienced an increase in the number of referral cases of people suffering from mental health, abuse, depression, discrimination caused by various crises. With limited resources, BIRTH Fiji continued to provide holistic support to clients such as counseling, home visitation and equipping people with tools to cope and heal from trauma.

To address the increasing number of referral cases from stakeholders, BIRTH Fiji through this funding from the Fund will implement Organisational Strengthening project. The project will enable BIRTH Fiji to develop policies and standard operating procedures to deliver their activities more effectively.

BIRTH Fiji will collaborate with Civil Society Partners (CSOs) and government departments to implement this project.