As a feminist fund, we believe in funding women’s rights and feminist work exclusively.

Led by local feminist movement actors and principles, we understand and can respond better to our grantees’ needs. This results in flexible, long-term funding that is cognisant of the intersectional realities of feminist social change in Fiji and the Pacific and incorporates a vision of redistribution and decolonisation.

We believe that providing direct and core funding to the organisations and communities constituting feminist and women’s rights movements is key for the realisation of rights for women, girls, and gender non-conforming communities because it shifts power to where it should be – the movements themselves.

Direct, core funding reaches movement actors and gives them the decision-making power on how and where to use resources – including for organisational expenses or collective action. This is politically liberating, powerful and contributes towards movement-building.

However, we know from experience and data tells us that less than 1% of grant funding is directed to Pacific women’s organisations.  Globally, funders are increasing their funding for gender equality and women’s empowerment activities, however, funding disbursements by OECD DAC members for these activities have stagnated over recent years in the Pacific.

We have identified the unequal flow of financial and non-financial resources from donors, funders, power holders and decision-makers to feminist and women’s organisations and movements in Fiji as a root cause of this lack of resources for Pacific women.

We will address this collectively by:

  • Directly funding and building the capacity of feminist and women’s rights organisations and movements in Fiji to deliver gender justice outcomes and enhance their spheres of influence.
  • Influencing and mobilising financial and non-financial resources from diverse funding sources to support feminist and women’s rights organisations and movements working to enhance women’s human rights in Fiji.
  • Building our governance and operational capacity to establish ourselves as an empathetic and adaptive fund that is responsive to the needs of Fiji feminist and women’s rights organisations and movements.

Like the ocean that connects Pacific Women, we value being interconnected with local and international stakeholders.  We will build, strengthen, and sustain partnerships with the Fijian Government and a diverse range of local organisations including established feminist and women’s organisations and movements.

We will also explore new horizons, and forge new partnerships with bilateral and multilateral donors, international feminist and women’s rights movements and organisations; international sister funds; and other public and private donors such as foundations and philanthropic organisations and individuals.